​Arag Foam Marker Kit

# 520005

foam marker kit

Save Time & Money

Save Money and Increase Efficiency by avoiding costly misses and overlap while spraying

No Pre-Mixing Required: Foam is made in the drop assembly at the end of the boom

Technical Features

Power Supply: 12VDC
Current Draw: 9 A
Working Temp.: 0 - 104° F
Tank Capacity: 5 Gallons
Working Pressure: 10 PSI
PR Valve Setting: 14.5 PSI
Total Weight: 40 LBS.
 Noise Level: 75 dB (A)


Electra-Pneumatically Operated,
requiring 12Vdc - 6 Amp power supply

108' Dual Liquid / Air Hose with Thermo-Formed Polystyrene covering for UV Protection

​Use ​a foam marker ​to increase your efficiency in the field when spraying. We carry Arag foam markers and ​that prevent ​overlap spraying by marking the areas you have sprayed​ with foam. Find ​​drop pipes, nozzle assembly, and foam marker parts as well as reliable foam markers at ​FoamMarker.net, where customer service comes first. ​We also supply sprayer pumps & parts. ​

Ships to Canada and USA
​We Ship to Canada and U.S.A.

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